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256. back in the 1900s
255. bath time
254. many of the things
253. the sharper my spikes
252. feeling fragile
251. permeable skin
250. more than you can chew
249. resentment is a weed
248. nap positions
247. theory & practice
246. where and what and when is resistance
245. learning new things
244. stretch & curl
243. loose pebbles
242. some notes on boundaries
241. strings
240. unsolicited advice comics: maybe pick it back up?
239. unsolicited advice comics: dreams
238. unsolicited advice comics: dance
237. unsolicited advice comics: clouds
236. before & after the panic sets in
235. narrow cardboard tube
234. broken telephone
233. angry about toilets
232. from inside to outside
231. a handy decision-making flowchart for when I have the house to myself
230. the (helpful and unhelpful) voices of shame
229. out of sight, out of mind, into body
228. seeing/believing
227. big picture perspective
226. want to want
225. storm
224. bear caught in a trap
223. change
222. nihilism monster (II)
221. what will heal the sting
220. nihilism monster (I)
219. fangs
218. snow day
217. does it matter that trudeau & the liberals have broken their promise of electoral reform?
216. the weight
215. eyes closed
214. bird in a barbed wire fence
213. fantasy fiction
212. 2016
211. abstract santa
210. it is important to remain optimistic
209. cold & dark season coping loop
208. my softness is
207. accountable
206. sleep-deprived not-real comic
205. a thank you card to anyone who has ever told me when I was wrong
204. what comes after what
203. night terrors
202. hey trudeau my safeword is electoral reform
201. the fall!
200. some concerns
199. locked house
198. story
197. love birds: a six year old’s visual representation
196. lessons about tigers, from a six year old
195. no pressure
194. my friend provides a helpful and realistic summary of how your crush probably feels about you
193. tangle
192. lessons about cowboys, from a five year old
191. lessons about elephants, from a six year old
190. wedding
189. jean jackets (accurate fashion advice from a six year old)
188. music from high school
187. lessons about jellyfish, from a four year old
186. subconscious optimism
185. each of us
184. hamster wheel
183. new stories
182. my dad has great hair
181. childhood ideas of adulthood
180. his dream was to be a trucker with a husky named bob
179. practise
178. happy mummers day
177. indoors
176. when good things happen
175. babies
174. the don’t give a fuck colouring book
173. fruit (don’t leave a bruise)
172. fictional apology notes to my partner based on non-fictional events
171. shitty day colouring book
170. whether or not in the details
169. would you rather
168. garden
167. I wish all those years in school had taught me (#1)
166. the words which try to name us
165. grownups are like unicorns
164. how gentle of time
163. mittens
162. want
161. nothing is ever easy all the time
160. accomplishments
159. become armadillo, roll away
158. darkest day
157. boobs are like mountains (or: some reasons to try to get used to breastfeeding in public)
156. inanimate
155. 6 bad puns
154. saying that you’ve got “big news” when you are a woman in your mid-twenties
153. finishing a long project
152. what I expect when I go to the doctor
151. working with kids (part two)
150. working with kids (part one)
149. let’s hope this goes okay
148. “Our Benign Dictatorship”: A Comic About the Upcoming Election
147. cautious optimism
146. like migratory birds
145. when I discover a new comics artist
144. when I drink coffee
143. no reason to be home, as you are away
142. in praise of logs (an infomercial!)
141. I like Halifax so far
140. welcome to the cupboard of self-obsession
139. sometimes I worry about narcissism
138. natural mimics
137. comfort/thrills
136. so sleepy, not sleeping
135. postcard from halifax
134. road safety p.s.a.
133. last-minute comics with a cold
132. cynicism
131. elbows
130. strategies for navigating small talk: a tutorial
129. cat love
128. thinking
127. to-do list
126. rebel, with sort of a cause
125. alternative symbolic representations of the number two
124. nothing is neutral
123. bliss
122. tedium + elation
121. unique experience
120. this is how I philosophy
119. a stutter can occasionally wreak havoc
118. real life
117. and this is my method
116. nature, you creepy (part four)
115. memory
114. nature, you creepy (part three)
113. forget valentine’s day!
112. nature, you creepy (part two)
111. women being punished in folk & fairy tales
110. nature, you creepy
109. on zombie ants and futility
108. selfhood is a goldfish
107. may your new year be happy, and your predators slow-moving
106. forget christmas!
105. inanimate objects acting sexual (guest comic)
104. this comic is not about food (a simple allegorical exploration)
103. awkward greeting cards, part three: this is a compliment (series: sohowdoyoufeelaboutthat greeting cards #3)
102. awkward greeting cards, part two: this is how I romance (series: sohowdoyoufeelaboutthat greeting cards #2)
101. awkward greeting cards, part one: yeah I’m just gonna go ahead and address this to anyone I ever interacted with during my adolescence (series: sohowdoyoufeelaboutthat greeting cards #1)
100. becoming more like a kate bush music video circa 1978: the tutorial we have all been waiting for
99. guys and dolls
98. terrifying drawings from my childhood, part three: return of the stickmen (this time it’s crocodile kings, guys) (series: terrifying drawings from my childhood #3)
97. terrifying drawings from my childhood, part two: ‘mateing fish’ (series: terrifying drawings from my childhood #2)
96. terrifying drawings from my childhood, part one: horserattle stickmen & babies of fun (series: terrifying drawings from my childhood #1)
95. who’s harpin’ on steve? (guest comic)
94. bicycle, a.k.a.
93. as in “through physical space”
92. a visit with gloom
91. always new faults (series: tracing fault-lines #6)
90. loud little voice (series: tracing fault-lines #5)
89. doorways (series: tracing fault-lines #4)
88. telescope eyes (series: tracing fault-lines #3)
87. word beasts (series: tracing fault-lines #2)
86. clever sounds (series: tracing fault-lines #1)
85. recalling the pre-google days of old
84. magic boots
83. but the cat came back (series: the imaginary adventures of existential stegosaurus and edgar the figment #6)
82. a graphic analysis of the ups and downs of bicycle riding
81. the regrettable plight of poor cindy the polite (series: the regrettable plight of poor cindy the polite #3)
80. getting wasted (series: bros #4)
79. clubbing (series: bros #3)
78. picking up chicks (series: bros #2)
77. wingman (series: bros #1)
76. prove it (guest comic)
75. queen victoria
74. lewis and clark
73. hindenburg
72. motivation (series: margot the macabre #4)
71. mermaid
70. the subtext of all downton abbey dialogue
69. picking flowers
68. no ropes on a sailboat
67. The Trouble With Figments (series: the imaginary adventures of existential stegosaurus and edgar the figment #5)
66. A Forgetful Mind is a Terrible Thing
65. You So Pwetty
64. The Curse of Limitless Options (series: the imaginary adventures of existential stegosaurus and edgar the figment #4)
63. The Need to Squeeze (series: margot the macabre #3)
62. Wilhelmina and the Dolphins
61. It’s a big blue watery road
60. Adventures With Slang
59. “But if you will fully love me, though there may be some fire, ’twill not be more than we can bear when moistened and bedewed with Pleasures”
58. Nepenthes attenboroughii
57. The feeling is mutual
56. An Apple a Day…
55. new year’s brachiosaurus
54. joke’s on joseph
53. living proof
52. happy one year of existence, b.o.a.t. scribbles
51. and indigo moonshine too
50. time to blame the fictional lovers (series: margot the macabre #2)
49. realists
48. existence for real is overrated (series: the imaginary adventures of existential stegosaurus and edgar the figment #3)
47. no thinking outside of this box
46. might as well blame the fictional orphans (series: margot the macabre #1)
45. ornithology and spelling are important, kids
44. things that go bump in the night
43. Charles should really get into another line of work (series: the trials and tribulations of charles the metaphorical elephant #3)
42. Well, if ya weren’t weirded out by this dynamic before then ya sure are now
41. I myself am 100% human
40.  Lecture
39. And when a whale gives you advice, you should probably take it
38. the drug of the people
37. the mysterious familiar
36. Perhaps it’s her tone? (series: the regrettable plight of poor cindy the polite #2)
35. When You Wish Upon A Star
34. A Walk to Remember: The Alternate Ending
33. The “Requiem for a Dream” Paradox
32. Synonyms
31. A rock with a paper wrapped around it is just a slightly heavier rock
30. A Lesson in Rhetoric
28. Charles the Metaphorical Elephant (series: the trials and tribulations of charles the metaphorical elephant #2)
27. _____ Flies Like A _____
26. This Little Piggy
25. Well You Know What They Say
24. The Blind Men and the Elephant: an Inaccurate Retelling (series: the trials and tribulations of charles the metaphorical elephant #1)
23. Crippling Social Anxiety
22. Back when I was your age, gravity was broken, which meant that no matter which way you turned you were walking uphill
21. Beauty
20. The Anglerfish-Prejudice-Detection Quiz
19. beluga
18. fun times with the false dichotomy fairy
17. Time for “TAKING S#*T LITERALLY” Tuesday!
16. misleading
15. strangers are stranger when there is internet
14. problems (series: the imaginary adventures of existential stegosaurus and edgar the figment #2)
13. the world according to string instrument tuning mnemonics
12. when I grow up
11. enunciation (series: the regrettable plight of poor cindy the polite #1)
10. fun with my montréal apartment
9. if walls could talk, some walls would be very chatty
8. good day/bad day
7. crazy human behaviour, illustrated using assorted animals
6. crazy things that animals do, illustrated using humans and aliens: the brood parasitism of the common cuckoo
5. sidewalk snowplows: the most terrifying thing?
4. let’s all pretend for a moment that an octopus would survive/enjoy playing in snow (if you are about to check youtube, I must warn you that it is fruitless)
3. Oh, hello year 2013. Your approach was so silent and stealthy that I did not realize you were here until just now. (series: the imaginary adventures of existential stegosaurus and edgar the figment #1)
2. merry christmas
1. Welcome to b.o.a.t. scribbles! 

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