terrifying drawings from my childhood, part three: return of the stickmen (this time it’s crocodile kings, guys)

So much room for discussion here: are they crocodiles? Are they… horses? (um if they are crocodiles why do they look so much like horses?) Are they ALL kings? If so, is being in such close proximity to so many other kings (including inexplicably tiny ones?) not causing some political tension? And is that one saying “ON” as in, “Onward and forward to find some souls which we the Crocodile Kings will promptly devour whole”?                                              … I would really prefer for the answer to that last question to be ‘no’ but I have the fear that it is in fact ‘yes, obviously.’

terrifying drawings from my childhood, part two: ‘mateing fish’

I don’t think this one requires much explanation; at age eight I clearly had an advanced understanding of both the written word and the dynamics present in the animal kingdom. As well as the knowledge of how to get all the babes (hold a microphone… obviously).



terrifying drawings from my childhood, part one: horserattle stickmen & babies of fun

So I have been going through boxes of old things lately, in order to divest myself of Crap. This particular enigma, however, I could not bring myself to do away with, mostly because it haunts me now and I worry that if I were to throw it away then it would anger the HORSERATTLES (not to mention the Babies of Fun) and then they would will themselves into physical form and come carry me away to Hades. Which I think is something that I do not want to experience.